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Spay fire extinguisher Reinoldmax 750 ml

Discharge time 26 seconds

  • Reusable - Can put out more than one incipient fire
  • Compact
  • Safe, light and handy
  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • No maintenance required
  • Safe for health and the environment
  • The contact of the foam on the skin is harmless
  • he foam spray does not stain or damage the equipment
  • Safely usable on electric devices and electrical household appliances
  • 3-year warranty. Expiration date listed underneath the container
  • 5-year service life when stored in a dry ambient temperature environment
  • Storage and use temperature range: from 0°C to 50°
  • Note: The product will freeze if stored at a temperature inferior to 0°C, but the can will not be damaged and the Reinoldmax fire extinguisher will remain fully functional once the thawing process is completed.

Reinoldmax spray fire extinguisher 500 ml

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