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The simplest, safest and most effective

way to slow and isolate fires.

The blankets are resistant up to 1,300°C

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The objective of the fire blanket is to significantly reduce the damage caused by fire to buildings and other vehicles, prevent the spread of fire (for example, by penetrating surrounding materials), and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Nothing passes through this cover - no fire - which minimizes the amount of toxic exhaust gases.


A safe, fast and reliable solution in case of emergency.

Reduce wasted time and material,
which can be very costly.

The Reinoldmax fire-blanket is specially designed to extinguish all types of fires, with particular attention to fires that generate fragment explosions and toxic smoke.

Here are the advantages you will quickly notice when using our Reinoldmax fire-resistant cover:

  • It rapidly controls any type of fire.

  • It avoids the use of extinguishing devices that could contaminate electronic equipment and surrounding materials.

  • It prevents contamination of raw materials.

  • It allows for a swift resumption of production.


Superior manufacturing


The Reinoldmax certified blanket is made from high density fiberglass fabric and is considered a recognized fire safety tool in several countries.



  • Prevents the intensification and spread of fires.

  • Protects against any potential debris from fire or explosion, especially lithium batteries.

  • Reduces the risk of chemical poisoning and the spread of toxic fumes.


  • Reusable blankets can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 1300°C)

  • Delivered in a carrying bag (backpack type).

  • Our blankets are top quality, whether single use or reusable repeatedly.

Would you like to know more?

We would be delighted to introduce our technology to you!


Technical product information

Our expertise lies in manufacturing fire blankets specifically designed for electric vehicles. We have developed a complete range of products, available for different categories:

  • Electric bikes and scooters,

  • Electric automobiles,

  • Towing and quarantine of electric vehicles.


Additionally, our products have been designed to be lighter, making them suitable for bad weather, especially in strong winds on highways. This design facilitates deployment and transport to the incident scene.  


Use: Multiple use

Size: 6 x 8 m (19.6 x 26.2 feet)

Weight: 28 kg (62 lb)

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